Our Top 10 Things to See and Do Around Melbourne

Enjoying Melbourne is easy. Well without a global coronavirus pandemic anyway. With so many fabulous places to visit, choosing is the most difficult part.

One of Australia’s trendiest cities, Melbourne has enough art, shopping, theatre, and nightlife to keep you on the go from sun-up till well past sun-down. If you are seeking time with nature, Melbourne and its surrounding areas can offer you some distinctly delightful surprises.

Regardless, of your style or your destination preferences, hiring a car is the easiest and most fool-proof ways to get around the city and its outskirts. Imagine arriving at your destination relaxed and ready for fun instead of frazzled from the effort expended to get there. A car and driver manage the details for you. You will not need to navigate unfamiliar areas, decipher local transportation schedules, or pay surprisingly steep fares.

When the world settles down we are sure it will be time to go out and celebrate in style!

What Are Some Top Things to See and Do in the City of Melbourne?

  1. Top-Notch Shopping

    Regardless of your tastes or budget, a shopping trip around Melbourne will become a memory that lasts a lifetime. Visit the Chapel Street shopping area. Browse until your heart is content, enjoy a snack or an amazing cup of coffee, and lose yourself in the hustle and bustle.

    An alleyway in Melbourne Ideal for shopping.

  2. The Crown Casino Complex

    A destination unto itself, the Crown Casino Complex is adjacent to the Yarra River. This is truly a place to see and be seen. In addition to world-class casino offerings, you can enjoy incredible dining, unique shopping opportunities, and luxurious spa treatments.

    The crown casino complex in Melbourne Australia.

  3. Indulge Your Inner Artist

    The Melbourne area has well over 100 galleries where you can find unexpected delights around every turn.

  4. Sports Lover’s Paradise

    Plan a tour of Australia’s largest stadium. The Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) opened in 1853 and is home to an astonishing amount of Australian sports history.

    The MCG and tennis stadium in Melbourne at night.

  5. Swing on a Star

    No wishing required, you should plan ahead to enjoy an unforgettable ride on the Melbourne Star. The giant wheel takes you 120 meters above the city in a climate-controlled, fully enclosed cabin. 

What Are Some Top Outdoor Adventures in and Around Melbourne?

  1. Visit the Dandenong Ranges

    A short drive from Melbourne, you can bask in the natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges. The area features majestic forests, hiking areas, scenic gardens, quaint towns, and a steam railway called the Puffing Billy. The area is a wonderful change of pace from city life and can be a day trip, or you may opt to explore in-depth and stay a few days.

    Puffing billy traveling through the Dandenong Ranges.

  2. Spend Time on the Great Ocean Road

    This scenic stretch of highway is famous for its spectacular views along the 400 km long winding road. The Great Ocean Road is ideal if you want to put away the pressures of city life and soak in natural beauty. It is possible to examine a section of the Great Ocean Road as a day trip. However, many people enjoy spending a few days in the area exploring tiny towns and enjoying the view.

    The Great Ocean road near Victoria Australia.

  3. Explore the Great Otway National Park

    While the park is technically a stop on the Great Ocean Road, Otway National Park is a destination unto itself. Here you can enjoy powerful waterfalls, deserted beaches, oceanfront cliffs, and dense forests. You can also experience the treetop walk that hangs 600 meters above the ground as well as amazing zip lining experiences.

  4. Penguins on Parade

    A 90-minute drive is all that stands between you and the delightful experience of witnessing the Penguin Parade of Phillip Island. Phillip Island is a nature lover’s paradise. That also features a Kola Conservation centre, wineries, and beaches.

  5. Werribee Open Range Zoo

    Werribee Open Range Zoo showing happy giraffes in a group.
    A unique up-close zoo experience where the animals are in a natural setting. Visitors tour the savannah in safari vehicles and make some once in a lifetime memories.

The COVID-19 pandemic is frightening, to say the least. But as soon as it is safe:

Don’t waste a precious moment of this year. Enjoy all of the excitement Melbourne has to offer.

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